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The credit card settlement, exchange rate at the time of purchase will apply.
The sales price, we will Amounts displayed (display price / consumption tax Japan domestic included).

US $1 is nearly \100 at November 2013 rate.


Available payment methods credit card settlement.
Your payment will be determined at time of payment products at the time of order.

<Return Policy>

Unless there is a defect in the product, I do not respond to returned goods.


This store provide only for digital contents, except from Voucher for a Fatacy's experiment kit.

Fatacy's experiment kit will deliver depends on EMS Japanpost service.


Name :fatacy luck
Address :Huchu-cho5-21-2-213, Isumi-city, Osaka, Japan
Working :Japan am 10:00 to pm 16:00
Cell Phone :Japan 081-90-1957-5544